Proc Lua and why you should know itRowland Hale During this introductory workshop you will receive a grounding in the Lua language within SAS new procedure Proc Lua, which provides an implementation of the Lua scripting language and which offers a realistic and accessible alternative to the SAS Macro language for building SAS code dynamically. Hands-On Workshop
How do I pick a R package for my clinical workflow?Phil Bowsher Currently, the CRAN package repository features 12268 available packages. This hands-on workshop will highlight various ways to find information about R packages. Attendees will explore qualities of the top clinical packages and learn how to identify packages to support a clinical workflow. Hands-On Workshop
Utilize Dummy Variables/Datasets in Graph GenerationAmos Shu The input SAS dataset does not always perfectly contain all necessary data that can be used for graph generation in the real world. Creating dummy variables or datasets is an effective way, sometimes the only way, to generate the desired graph. This paper discusses three different ways to utilize du.
Exploiting OpenData & AdvancedAnalytics approach to better know the population and determine the best opportunities to open new HospitalKrystian Matusz This paper will present a usage of open data to support the critical business decision on the new Hospital location. The described framework is intended to help make smart(er), data-driven decisions and to help understand the demographics and local population data in the best way.
Common Pinnacle 21 Report Issues: Shall we Document or Fix?Ajay Gupta In this paper, I will discuss some common issues with the Pinnacle 21 report messages created from running against SDTM datasets and propose some solutions based on my experience. Also, I will discuss some scenarios when it is better to document the issue in reviewers guide than doing workaround.