Again, we are offering Four half-day seminars, two in the morning and two in the afternoon on the day before the conference on Thursday August 30, 2018. The cost is USD $130/ Yuan 910 which is an additional fee from registration.

So far, we have Two committed seminars as follows:

A Quick but Thorough Introduction in R By Arthur Li

There are thousands of R packages that exist on CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network), and each package consists of a large number of functions. This might be one of the reasons that intrigue a beginner from mastering the language since he or she doesn’t know where to start and what the essential components are that they need to know to grasp in R language. Similar to other programming languages, one doesn’t need to know all the functionality in a language in order to perform the daily routine work. This seminar will cover the fundamental components for learning the R language, such as differentiating the attributes across different types of R objects. Once knowing these differences, manipulating data would become simple to master. Furthermore, a few dozen basic and essential R functions and operators, as well as writing a user-defined function, will also be covered in this seminar.

Intended Audience: Audiences from all industries with different job roles will be benefit by taking this seminar.

e-Submission Package with eCTD for NDA By James Wu

It is important to have e-submission ready data for any biostatitics and programming projects. The tabulation datasets and analysis datasets should follow not only the CDISC SDTM and ADaM, but also the eCTD and data specification technical document from regulatory agencies. This seminar will cover all the details of e-submission ready data packages including SDTM/ADaM datasets, CRF annotation, define file and reviewer’s guides, BIMO, as well as, the strategy and approaches to deal with the challenges for integrated and legacy studies.

Intended Audience: All programmers who are interested in the preparation of e-submission package with eCTD.


Arthur holds an M.S. in Biostatistics from the University of Southern California. Currently, he is a Biostatistician at the City of Hope National Medical Center. In addition, Arthur developed and taught an introductory SAS course at U.S.C. for the past ten years, as well teaching the Clinical Biostatistics Course at U.C.S.D. extension. As well as teaching and working on cancer-related research, Arthur has written a book titled “Handbook of SAS® DATA Step Programming.” In 2016, he served as the conference chair for PharmaSUG China in Beijing.

James Wu has 20+ years of statistical programming experience in pharmaceutical industry. James managed several stat programming groups at Merck, Sanofi, MTDA and BDM. James served PharmaSUG as EC member, 2010 PharmaSUG conference chair, PharmaSUG China 2013 conference chair, and Philadelphia University over the past 10+ years as an adjunct instructor for the SAS Programming Certification Program. Currently James is the vice-president, Global Business Operation at BDM Consulting, Inc.